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Currently we offer XEOMIN®, an FDA-approved, uniquely purified botulinum toxin A.  The double filtration process that Xeomin undergoes removes the unnecessary proteins, minimizing risk of side effects.  Botulinum toxin A relaxes the muscles that help create wrinkles in the skin.


Xeomin is commonly used to treat frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, bunny lines, and upper lip lines.

Xeomin can also be used to create the "lip flip".

Xeomin has been used for non-surgical "face slimming" by treating the masseter muscles.

The masseter muscles are the muscles that you use to clench the jaw, which may cause pain for some people.  Xeomin helps relax these muscles, which can help decrease pain and decrease muscle size.


Results last 90-120 days

Treatment time: 20-60min

Social downtime: 2 hours

Results can be seen 3-5 days afterwards.  Maximum effects are seen at 2 weeks.

Botox xeomin

We also offer JUVEDERM® products, non-permanent hyaluronic acid fillers that help restore tissue volume.


Juvederm products can be used for lip augmentation.  It can also be used to soften nasolabial folds, lip lines, marionette lines, and other areas of the face that may have deeper wrinkles.  Using filler in conjunction with Xeomin can help decrease the appearance of deep wrinkles that have formed over time.

Fillers can also be used to help restore volume loss such as the top part of your hands.


Cost is dependent on the specific product.  Filler packages start at $550, which includes the Juvederm product, medical consultation and appointment for filler, as well as a 1-2 month follow-up appointment.


Results last 12-15 months

Treatment time: 60 min

Social downtime: 2 days (of swelling and bruising)

Results can be seen in 1 week.  Maximum effects seen at 2-4 weeks.

Juvederm filler
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